How Does Chiropractic Work?

The nervous system controls the function and repair of all aspects of the other eight systems of the body, which are the hormonal, digestive, metabolic, waste elimination, circulatory, respiratory, immune, and musculoskeletal systems. Chiropractic adjustment releases pressure and tension on your spinal nerves, allowing for improved function of your body, and continuous repair and replacement of your cells, tissue and organs.

What are the Benefits You Can Expect From Regular Chiropractic Care?

The most important benefit of chiropractic care is improvement of overall health and well-being. Although chiropractic aims to promote health through a corrective and preventative approach, rather than merely treating the symptoms of disease, recovery from virtually every disease or disorder can be helped significantly by chiropractic care. The most common conditions for which patients seek chiropractic help include:

• Headache
• Neck pain
• Backache
• Shoulder
• Arm
• Wrist
• Hand Problems
• Hip
• Knee

• Ankle

• Low Energy
• Varieties of Tendonitis (such as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome)
• Sleep Disturbance
• Concentration Difficulties
• Hormonal Dysfunctions (such as underactive thyroid, menstrual irregularity, diabetes)

• High or Low Blood Pressure
• Poor Circulation
• Asthma
• Shortness of Breath
• Chest Pain
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Constipation
• Bladder Weakness
• Digestive Upset, Hiatus Hernia, and Acid Reflux
• Lowered Immunity

We invite you to contact us to schedule a courtesy consultation to receive further information and a spinal nerve assessment to determine how chiropractic can help you to have better health and wellness.

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