Below is a sampling of reports from individuals who have experienced improved health and healing from regular chiropractic care at Upper Oakville Chiropractic:

Acid RefluxMigraine HeadachesSinus ProblemsLoss of ConcentrationSleep DisturbanceHivesArthritisFibromayalgiaSense of Smell regainedChild Disposition & AttitudeHeart MurmurGenetic SyndromeFrequent ColdsInfant CollicPsoriosisAsthmaBack and Neck PainGoutReduced EnergyBreech BabySciaticaHigh Blood PressureCarpal Tunnel SyndromeScoliosisImproved Athletic Ability

Condition: Acid Reflux

Cried all the time, slept very little, slow growth, vomited after each feeding. Diagnosed with esophageal reflux at age 4 months. Hospitalized, medications (Zantac and Prepulcid, the latter now banned for side effects) offered no improvement.

Results: 2 - 1/2 hour nap (unheard of before) after first adjustment. Reflux began to diminish right away. Within 2 weeks, no more vomiting and started gaining weight.

Comments: "She is great! Her reflux only comes back with an injury such as a fall, but an adjustment fixes her right up."
- Signed, Mother of J.S.
Condition: Acid Reflux

My 10 month old son had very bad gastroesophogeal reflux and was uncomfortable a lot of the time. He had been referred to a pediatrician who put him on medicine which did not help.

Results: After 4 adjustments, his vomiting disappeared entirely! His sleep improved and he just generally was a more contented child.

Comments: I feel I have done a great thing for my child's health and well being. Don't wait for a medical problem to check this out - just do it!
-Signed, Mother of E.M.
Condition: Migraine Headaches and Sinus Problems

Extensive neck and lower back pain, migraines quite frequently and sinus problems regularly.

Results: My neck and back pain is almost non-existant. Migraines are down to 10% of the frequency from before treatment, sinus problems are very sporadic.

Comments: Drugs are now almost non-existant for me, no pain! Thank you Dr. Healey.
- Signed, B.W.
Condition: Migraine Headaches

Suffering with headache almost daily, severe in intensity often three times per week. Interfered with school work. After medical specialistand several different prescriptions had not helped, Jeffrey thought he would never get better.

Results: Only occasional headache after one year of care.

Comments: Jeffrey says "I can now study for tests. My grades have gone from 60% to the high 80's... I feel great now. My quality of life has made me a very happy person. I now know chiropractic is the answer to my migraines".
- Signed, J.D.
Condition: Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches as often as 3 times per week since age 3-1/2.

Results: Began chiropractic care at age 17. After a couple of weeks my headaches became irregular and soon disappeared altogether. Overall, have more energy and am not tired anymore.

Comments: I feel great. Life is much easier, I can now concentrate in school and work without drugs. And no more pounding headaches.
- Signed, L.S.
Condition: Migraine Headaches

Stiff neck, shoulder pain, and migraines since age 16. Had to come home from work often due to migraines and neck/shoulder pain made it difficult to enjoy life.

Results: To my surprise, I noticed my last migraine had been six months earlier, but thought nothing of it until a year had passed and I was convinced that Dr. Healey had helped.

Comments: Now my neck pains are completely gone and I have not had a migraine in 4 years. I come once a month only.
- Signed, K.G.
Condition: Loss of Concentration

Suffered from constant severe headaches and loss of concentration after injuries from a car accident. Also developed severe pain in wrists. My head felt heavy and felt like I was in a constant 'cloud'. Problems impacted family life and job. Work performance became a constant worry.

Results: All health problems disappeared after 3 months of chiropractic care. I did not have a sick day for 3 years! Rarely get sick now. No longer have chest pain and heartburn problems. Quality of life has improved greatly. Family members have noticed my sense of humour has returned again. Also don't use medication for any illness. I have no problem beating illness on my own!

Comments: I never believed that chiropractcic care would work until a good friend introduced me to Dr. Healey. I have had more significant results in health improvement with chiropractic care than any other medical treatment. Best of all, no drugs!
- Signed, M.S.
Condition: Sleep Disturbance

Difficulty sleeping for more than 4-5 hours without being awakened due to pain in my back. Difficulty performing my work-related duties.

Results: The pain and discomfort associated with my back began to diminish almost immediately after only a couple of adjustments. I could work without fatigue or pain - it is now possible to sleep as long as I need to without any pain.

Comments: I feel fine, I have more energy and can do activities that I would not try to do prior to adjustments. Drugs are not needed or used.
- Signed, D.P.
Condition: Sleep Disturbance

Headaches, back pain, and poor sleeping patterns. I ate advil on a daily basis.

Results: Immediate improvement for my neck, and my back is slowly getting better. More sound sleep and no more advil.

Comments: I feel 100% better.
- Signed, W.S.
Condition: Sleep Disturbance, Headache, Lower Back Pain

Headaches disturbed sleep. Low back pain interferred with extended stting.

Results: Feeling much stronger in my back, fewer headaches within 4 months of treatment.

Comments: Feel much better now, sleeping better and don't take any drugs.
- Signed, G.S.
Condition: Hives

I suffered from severe hives 2-3 times per week. It was very itchy, uncomfortable, and very noticeable. I visited an allergist twice who said I wasn't allergic to anything.

Results: My hives were gone after 2-3 weeks of treatment.

Comments: I feel great! I am now hive-free without drugs!
- Signed, R.K.
Condiiton: Arthritis and Fibromayalgia

Difficulty in walking and unable to perform simple day-to-day exercises. Unable to practically do anything for myself - had to constantly rest.

Results: Within a couple of visits started to notice an overall improvement in how I felt and moved. I was able to start doing simple chores. It was amazing. I am now able to do my own housework and prepare meals. I can now walk like a normal person. I am happy and optimistic about my future. Even though I still have constant pain, it is now bearable and manageable with exercise, good nutrition, and weekly visits to Dr. Healey. I feel fanatastic.

Comments: Conventional medical care helped to a certain point and when I was told by a specialist that there was nothing else that could be done, I went to Dr. Healey. I am so glad I did. With his care I was able to regain my independance and live a normal life.
- Signed, G.M.
Condition: Sense of Smell Regained

Greatly reduced sense of smell for many years. After about six weeks care with Dr. Healey, while driving to the cottage one day, I said to my wife: “What’s that awful smell?” She answered: “That’s just Hamilton harbour, dear.”

Results: Over the next several weeks, I regained my full sense of smell. For a while, if I missed my adjustment for too long, I would start to lose it again.

Comments: “Ah! I can smell my scotch again.”
- Signed, A.D.M.
Condition: Child Disposition & Attitude

My daughter had a major attitude for the first 3 years of her life. She very rarely had a smile for anyone and was grumpy most of the time.

Results: After 3 adjustments she started smiling and the attitude started to disappear. She is a happier child.

Comments: She is always smiling and doesn't get very upset about anything now.
- Signed, B.S.
Condition: Heart Murmur and Genetic Syndrome

Nine month old baby with heart murmer, also diagnosed with William's Syndrome by geneticist.

Results: Initially started sleeping through the night for the first time, and over time there was an increase in physical endurance, increase in mental alertness, improvement of skin rash. During first 12 months of his life, his heart condition was worsening, but at 15 months, (6 months of chiropractic treatment) an improvement was seen. Team of doctors raved about health improvements and progress with development.

Comments: I believe Dr. Healey's commitment to chiropractic care and my son has been a very important element for his life.
- Signed, L.H.
Condition: Frequent Colds and Infant Colic

Regularly contracted cold viruses and neck pain interferred with daily life.

Results: With chiropractic care, had more energy after 2 months and didn't get a cold for 2 years. When my care decreases I do become prone to colds again. I know it's time to get back to my healer, Dr. Healey.

Comments: I also brought my daughter at 6 weeks old to see Dr. Healey due to colic and constant crying. Immediately after she was a different child. She slept through the night for the first time.
- Signed, S.T.
Condition: Psoriosis

Chronic psoriasis - over 8 years, terribly itchy and painful. Low back pain, upset stomach - constant inconvenience. Stomach troubles made eating difficult, trouble functioning with low back pain, psoriasis caused flakes on clothing and pain.

Results: Within 2 weeks, a significant decrease in irritated skin areas of psoriasis, immediate relief of low back pain, upset stomach has slowed down. More energy and a positive attitude = happiness.

Comments: I now feel great - psoriasis is completely gone, no drugs or creams needed. I have a much more positive outlook on life!
- Signed, S.D.
Condition: Back and Neck Pain, Reduced Energy and Asthma

Significant back and neck pain occuring very frequently. Many days I could not sit in my chair all day.

Results: After 6 weeks I noticed a drastic improvement where I very rarely experienced any pain at all. I also noticed an improvement in energy level and my asthma. I use medication for asthma far less than before and do not use pain relievers any more.

Comments: Highly recommended.
- Signed, K.R.
Condition: Asthma

Migraines and breathing problems.

Results: Could breathe better and migraines stopped after about 3 weeks. Don't get sick as much.

Comments: Feel great, easier to breathe now and don't take any drugs.
- Signed, J.S.
Condition: Gout

Came under care for lower back pain which was greatly relieved after the first adjustment. Called one day to cancel appointment because of severe toe and foot pain caused by gout flare-up. Dr. Healey’s assistant encouraged me to come ahead, suggesting adjustment might relieve the pain.

Results: Gout pain relieved significantly. Enough to allow attendance at a ball game at the Skydome. Occasional flare-up usually relieved with one or two adjustments.

Comments: Amazing!!
- Signed, F.R.
Condition: Breech Baby and Sciatica

For 5 months I suffered from back pain and sciatica. Walking, getting up and down, and getting in and out of the car was very painful. My normal adjustments only provided minor relief as the baby was constantly sitting on my spine. A month before the baby was due I was concerned as the baby was in a breech position.

Results: Your breech adjustment was amazing. Five minutes after my first treatment, the baby flipped and I no longer suffered from sciatica. My last 3 weeks of pregnancy were great.

Comments: It was due to this treatment that I was able to deliver naturally a 9lb. 7oz. baby girl. Thank you very much for all of your assistance.
- Signed, W.G.
Condition: High Blood Pressure and Stomach Ulcer

Stiff and sore neck, constant high blood pressure, stomach ulcer.

Results: Within a couple of weeks, my neck started to improve. Within a month or two my blood pressure was perfect. Have not needed medication for my ulcer for over 6 months. I feel better and am able to exercise (work out and kick box) without a lot of pain. No drugs needed.

Comments: I am only 27 years old but have had high blood pressure since about age 17. I didn't even think there was a relation between my neck and high blood pressure until I looked at the chart that showed which symptoms are possible with the vertebral subluxations.
- Signed, D.S.
Condition: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As a factory worker for many years heavy lifting and repetitive work were commonplace in my life. In 1993 I was diagnosed with having carpal tunnel syndrome in both my wrists. After using wrist splints and taking the prescribed medication from my physician, the only solution I was told, was to operate. I chose to only operate on one of my hands and after a painful recovery and 8 weeks of therapy, I vowed I would do anything rather than have the other hand operated on. I continued to work under the same conditions, and the physical problems returned, however this time it included my neck and arms. I was given a prescription for pain killers and muscle relaxants, and sent for physical therapy. The therapy wasn't working and I was getting very depressed.

Results: After 5 months of chiropractic I am able to turn my head without pain, and I no longer wake in the morning feeling like I've been 'run over by a truck'. The best part is I am getting back to a normal life without painkillers and without surgery.

Comments: I've done it the chiropractic way; naturally!
- Signed, R.H.
Condition: Scoliosis

Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. I had to wear a back brace throughout high school. Took pain killers and had massage and heat treatments.

Results: Two years ago I was told of Dr Healey and his chiropractic treatment and drug free program. Now I can walk the malls for hours pain free! In fact I don't even remember the pain anymore.

Comments: Thank you Dr Healey and staff!
- Signed, D.B.
Condition: Improved Athletic Ability

I have been playing golf, both recreationally and professionally for over 40 years. Frequently I have experienced back pain and discomfort due to the rigors of the game. During the summer of 1990, I was experiencing so much pain in my left shoulder and arm and weakness and numbness in my left hand that I was hardly able to play.

Results: Dr Dave Healey found the cause of my problem to be pinched nerves in my neck. A series of chiropractic adjustments relieved the pressure and restored the comfort and power in my arms so that I could play and teach again up to my previous ability.

Comments: Now I maintain my spinal health with regular chiropractic adjustments. I think chiropractic is a safe and effective alternative to drug therapies and I regularly recommend it to students and friends.
- Signed, S.P.
Condition: Golf and Volleyball Game Improved

My relationship with Dr Healey began 13 months ago when I was invited to see the results of chiropractic care performed on a close friend. After comparing before and after x-rays I was amazed at the significant improvements I saw. One month later, I decided it was my turn.

Results: The first visit I had was memorable since I felt almost an immediate physical and mental boost. This soon became a regular experience with more visits. After 6 months of chiropractic care, I experienced an improvement in my golf game of about 10 strokes! The results continued a month later when I started to play competitive beach volleyball. I easily enjoyed my most successful year in 5 years of playing.

Comments: These are just 2 examples of many of how chiropractic care has helped me and perhaps can help you. If you are still uncertain of chiropractic care and its benefits, I suggest you take the first step anyway and try it.
- Signed, J.K.